For the Love

We have been working with the Bug on using a spoon by herself. Which she is actually pretty awesome at doing. Which makes sense because she is pretty awesome. I digress.

The Bug isn’t usually that affectionate because mostly she is too busy/independent for all that business. However when she gets enthusiastic or excited about something she starts the loving.

So here is what happened she got very excited about getting to use her own spoon. Very. Excited.

And, Hey, I was very excited for her. And right about when she looked like this…


She leaned over and made a smacking noise. I knew what she wanted. I had choice to make.

Kill her excited affectionate moment with a mouth wipe or share in her joyful moment of exuberance…

Y’all I just want you to know there is not much I won’t do for the love of my child…


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