Just For Right Now

So everyone has been asking how we are doing since we got home.

Actually everyone has been like, “Are you surviving, are you okay”

And I’m actually a little hesitant to answer, because I know this might cause me to eat some crow in the very near future. Why? Because kids are wildly dynamic and in a moment everything could change, but as for the last two weeks…well….

It’s been easy.

I had much wailing and hashing of teeth those first few weeks in Uganda because we never got the honeymoon that we were assured of and I had a plan. My plan was to use that honeymoon period to get through parenting in a foreign country and then put my nose to the grindstone when we got home.

That didn’t happen.

Parenting two children from hard places and three bios from a guesthouse slammed us all in to therapy mode for a very long time. I assumed that it would happen all over again when we got home.

It didn’t

It was almost as if, when we all stepped into our home as a family of seven, everyone sighed a collective breath of relief, and then went about their business. I mean to the extent that we have had fewer meltdowns that I can ever remember any of my children having. They play, bicker, nap, eat, pray, complain, and make so much noise just as if this is the way it has always been. Seriously, one kid that was having such a serious stuttering problem as to almost not be able to speak, almost completely stopped. Just like that. As if they all feel safe and loved here.

And in this family, in this place we are all safe and loved here, but you never know when someone isn’t going to feel that way…including me. So it’s been surprising.

I can’t tell you right now if this is just because we paid our major dues in Uganda or if a storm is about to break. What I can tell you is once you know the way to somewhere it is easier to get back there. And we know the way to family now. We can always get back here.



2 thoughts on “Just For Right Now

  1. So, I crazily stalk your blog since I broke up with facebook just waiting to see how your journey was going in your own home. Hoping that I too don’t eat crow, but you must be right when you said they all took a sigh of relief upon coming home. Your family is complete now and is in your place of rest. There aren’t fears of passports, medical papers, etc. and everyone can feel that sense of constant mind chaos is gone. I am so proud to know you and so grateful you share your story. Many prayers still heading your way!

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