Prayers and Pics August 8th

My prayer request will also serve as an update today. We need so much prayer.

-Passports: After the dust settled with the passport DRAMA Monday, we realized that we are now two weeks behind where we should be and still two or three weeks out from passport. PLEASE PRAY IT IS TWO AND NOT THREE.


-Russ, Lily, and Ava are headed home on the 18th. And i am devastated. I knew it was likely, and I was totally okay with it, until it became a reality. I’m not now. Please pray for their safe return and all of our hearts for having to be apart before we are ready for it.

-Jane and Boo will be headed home on the 29th. Again. Devastated. If all had gone perfectly this is when we would have been headed home. I knew better than to expect that, but I did hope and pray for it. Safe travels and hearts please.

-My heart. I am growing weary. It is a little bit like when I have a newborn and I am able to run on adrenaline for six weeks straight and then I slam against a wall. Actually, it is exactly like that. The problem is when I hit that wall with the girls, I would take a pump and take an afternoon to myself with the help of Nana, Boomommy, Daddy & Co. Even with BooMommy still here that just isn’t possible here. For one there is nowhere to go. With five kids they are always up down and around so a nap by myself can’t happen. And with a huge house to destroy explore I can’t just check out for four or five hours to recover. Please pray for endurance. 

Mr. Anthony teaching me how to make Katogo.
Mr. Anthony teaching me how to make Katogo.
Sole Hope Playground. AKA our sanity saver.
Sole Hope Playground. AKA our sanity saver.
Beans with her favorite person, Mr. Anthony!
Beans with her favorite person, Mr. Anthony!


4 thoughts on “Prayers and Pics August 8th

  1. Kaylie please know you are all always in my prayers. I won’t deny that I am disappointed with you that miracles have not yet occurred and you won’t be traveling home together. Miracles can still happen and I pray for things to fall into place from this day forward. You can do this, girl. You are amazing and God will refresh you.
    I love the pictures. Jane is growing so! Blessings and love!

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  2. Still praying! I was totally fine with Kenny leaving until he actually left……I understand how you are feeling. AND being separated from the other kiddos is so so hard. Praying for miracles and for things to MOVE and move quickly. You did the right thing in standing your ground, I am proud of ya’ll. Praying for strength and encouragement for you, it is a hard road but you are doing a great job!!!

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  3. Praying continually for you, for your heart, for strength, for endurance, for grace unending over all you are going through. We are lifting you up here, Kaylie! We won’t stop praying! God is with you, He is on your side through all of this.

    A friend sent Brian and I this blog post the other day about Joseph, and I kept thinking of you and Russ as I read it:

    I hope you find encouragement in it as we did. It’s all for His glory!!

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