Because We Had to Get Out…

We went for a little float on the Nile!

It was the boys’ first time on a boat and it was adorable and hilarious. They were energetic, curious, excited, giddy, and terrified of waves from boats. It was pretty awesome!

Thanks to our friends Brian and Laura for the great pics!

nile1 nile2 nile3 nile4 nile5 nile6 nile7 nile8 nile9 nile10 nile11


4 thoughts on “Because We Had to Get Out…

  1. Love seeing you all out on new adventures!! We are praying so often for God’s hand over each of you, that He would be your strength to persevere through these new challenges you face and your heart to love as you’ve never had to love before. He is enough and He is all you need to continue on. Praying for your hearts through all of this. Praying for God to fill you to overflowing, that He would spill out on your precious children as you guide them through each day. We love you all so much.

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