Mommy Treats

The making of a new family means there are lots of feelings. The boys are having feelings. The girls are having feelings. We are having feelings. Big ones. 


And you know, dealing with navigating a foreign country and institutional behaviors. Which are kind of a big deal. 

But two weeks in I feel like we are finding a rhythm and learning to make our way. But make no mistake, we are still fully in survival mode. Which means I’m trying to find ways to take care of myself when I need to be on twenty four hours a day. 

I give you my current list of Thankful-fors:

Coke Cola. I know, it doesn’t seem like self care because it isn’t good for me. But I assure you it is better than the alternative of stuffing my face in anything sweet I can find around the clock. A little self medicating sugar goes a long way. 

Flavia de Luce. Since the monotony is hard for me and the nights are long right now, I am finding this little mystery series a delight. It is clean, and fresh, and told from an awesome perspective. 

Praying out loud. All the time. I mean really, I have to. My mind is so tired and unfocused that I am struggling to find a coherent thought so I am forced to organize them out loud. I know God can hear the cry of my heart, but right now He can also hear the cry of my 2-4 photo 1-4 photo 3-2

Unflattering veiw, but  check out that happy baby! Boda-ing is like therapy for this family.
Unflattering veiw, but check out that happy baby! Boda-ing is like therapy for this family.

Turns out in Africa, no one thinks that’s weird. Much love Uganda. 

You. Your comments, Facebook posts and messages, your emails. Internet is sketchy and again I can barely form a coherent sentence, but I am reading it all and you are doing your job church. You are building up and strengthening. That word you sent? It is Kingdom work. Thank you.

Colors. I love Africa the same way I love Italy and Mexico and Bali. The colorfulness of everything brings me to life. That may be why my house looks like it was decorated by an eight year old. My heart is happiest when my eyes are feasting on the bright and the bold. (Dear US, lets be better about this, shall we?)

Russ. Y’all, I can’t even think ahead to how it will be if he has to go home before we are done here. When I just really have nothing left, my Hubs somehow has an amazing ability to be the person that both challenges me to go further and dig deeper while simultaneously allowing me to snuggle in and rest in a safe place for a minute. I would not survive this without my person. 



5 thoughts on “Mommy Treats

  1. Love hearing of the ways God brings you delight! May you see Him in each moment! Kaylie, you are amazing. We all see you as amazing. Don’t lose heart, and by all means, enjoy each of those sweet treats that bring you joy!!


  2. The burning question I have here is, what is the ratio of Hodges to Boda? I’m very curious as to the logistics of this.
    You’re such a wonderful mama and wife. Keep up the hard work and know that you are supported, loved, and prayed for by many!


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