Summer Time Photo Dump

Ever since my poor iPhone ended up in the toilet and I ended up with a decidedly not smart phone I have been missing Instagram. Turns out I’m mostly okay without social media except pictures.

Whaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! I want my pictures back!!!!!!

Anyways because of the stupidity of my current phone there will also be almost no pictures of my children this summer. But what I’ve got I’m giving to you:

Race Day = Crazy Hair

Also Crazy Dancing

Annual Will Rodgers Pic

And then I tried to be clever at the Texas Tech Seal:


Cousin Time:

Flower time, and let the record show that *most* of these flowers are still alive!

Flower girl!
Flower girl!

Late nights and long days have given me some extra cuddly babies!


But mostly our summer survival has been completely dependent on the pool and all the sweet helpers that come with it!


3 thoughts on “Summer Time Photo Dump

  1. I have so missed pictures of your littles! Do you have Verizon? If so, I have a smart phone or two you can use for as long as you need!


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