A Christmas Tree Conundrum

Early Friday morning we did the thang. Well not that early, first we all piled in bed and had a good cuddle, but shortly after that we started decking the halls. After the stockings were hung by the chimney with care, sugar plums (or nutcrackers, whatevs) danced, and the tree was up and lit, we began the hanging of the ornaments.


Listen, I am all for teaching my babies good Christmas tree manners and truthfully Lily already has them down, but Ava? Well, this is her year to learn. The problem is that I spend quite a bit of time during the day mostly immobile due to nursing or rocking a baby to sleep and teaching a child with a mind as strong as my Ava’s? Well that’s a bit of a hands on job that requires SO MUCH VIGILANCE. Also, like any training process there will be accidents. So after a few sweet ornaments lost their limbs we closed the boxes decided to rethink.

So with this post from VitaFam we made a quick direction change. We put up the colored balls (because they are cheap and hold no sentimental value) and I hopped online and downloaded The Truth in the Tinsel (A Jesse Tree Advent for kids) and the coordinating ornament coloring sheets. Boom. Done.

Not only do we have a great Old to New Testament Advent in the snap of a fingers, but we now have daily tree decorations that no one has to stress over breaking. Keeping it simple y’all.

How about you? All out this year or figuring out something new?




(Clearly I love the world maps. They are as abundant as our Christmas joy)


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