Let’s Talk Literature

Listen y’all, I’m as avid of a reader as you can get, however these days most of my reading consists of Pete the Cat, Corduroy, and so much Dr. Seuss that I periodically start speaking in rhymes. However my newly-retired-from-elementary-administration mother is just exiting the season I find myself entering. Which is awesome because she is discovering some classics that she some how missed along the way.

Like Jane Austen.

I know, right?

Not sure how my highly intelligent and educated mom managed to skip that. Especially since I went through a phase in eight or ninth grade in which I read everything she wrote and talk about in incessantly. Let’s face it, Jane Austen is the original chick lit.

Anyways she started with Pride and Prejudice because that is what you start with right? Anyways the whole time I kept saying “Well, that one is good, but wait until you get to Emma because that is the best the She ever wrote.” And then Boo got to Emma, and she liked it, but she didn’t love it, which completely threw me because while I like Pride and Prejudice it is not on the annual rotation of books I read over and over. Emma is. Turns out my moms banker is a hardcore Mansfield Park girl.

So in one of our traditional navel gazing sessions we decided it’s probably because reading Emma is a little bit like looking in a mirror for me. You know, a little flighty, a little pushy, and and probably takes herself just a tad too seriously. That’s not the point. The point is the Lizzy Bennet Diaries and Emma Approved. Y’all Hank Green produces these channels and if you don’t know about John and Hank Green you should definitely hop on YouTube and search Crash Course and Vlogbrothers as well. (Can you tell we don’t have cable?) These channels are modern adaptations of the classic novels. They are amazingly well done and the Lizzy Bennet Diaries actually won an Emmy and Emma Approved just started so it will be easy to catch up. Trust me, it will be six minutes of your week that is worth it.

Back to the navel gazing. It didn’t take long to realize that I had actually recommended a few of my favorites that were complete reflections of myself. Anne of Green Gables not being the least of these. As much as I love Anne though I recently read the author, Lucy Maud Mongomery’s journals and they are amazing, and a little deeper than her fictional self. I recommend them.

And last but certainly not least of you are in a season of All The Children’s Books and you need a grown up giggle, I highly encourage you to get your hands on A. A. Milne’s The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh because it turns out that dry English wit that hearkens all the way back to Shakespeare doesn’t even stop with kid lit. We read about half a chapter everyday at lunch and the girls are charmed while I giggle at all the subtle humor. It’s a win win.

What about you? Any self reflective books you love? Any kid lit your dying to share?


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Literature

  1. I don’t know where to start. Seriously, I am at a complete loss for a starting point. Ok. Here’s one… go back and read Little Women again. And then the Little House books. And Betsy-Tacy. The original Nancy Drew books. The Railway Children. I’m forcing myself to stop right now because I have other things I have to do.


    1. Love it, I actually already have the Little House already on the waiting list as well as Narnia, but I hadn’t thought of Nancy Drew!


  2. I love that Elisabeth and I get to read awesome books together every day. She’s getting to be old enough now that we can read a lot of the good stuff, not just kid books any more. I somehow never read Anne of Green Gables, so I’m thinking about reading it with Elisabeth soon. I loved the movie, so I’m anxious to read the book. And I’m thinking that E might be a little bit like Anne when she grows up!


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