Just Our Little Circus

So I’ve gotten lots of questions about how life is going with three girls under three. Also I have gotten lots of “you’recrazy” comments as well. I don’t have plausible deniability for that statement currently, because truthfully it feels like things are going pretty well.

However, I also think my perception may be a tiny bit skewed from spending so much time in “the baby years.”

When describing it to Boo the other day the best I could come up with was that it is like a day at Six Flags. It is fun, exciting, messy, sometimes gross, and at the end of the day I am utterly exhausted.

So I’ll just give you an example of what goes on during our day and let you decide for yourself how out of touch with reality I am.

Things that happen during our day:

Refusing to share leftover oatmeal that she also refuses to eat.

Change a diaper.

Panic because Ava wants to slide down the big slide by herself. Relief that it turns out Ava can slide down the big slide by herself.

“Can we have a snack?”

Read The Best Nest for the 678th time.

Give Lily glue and paper, scrub glue off of the counter

Nurse baby.

Change a diaper.

“Can we have a snack?”

Try to return a text message, stop because I realize I am typing, “eat your own food” instead of what I meant to type.

Strap the girls in the stroller and baby girl on front and go walk for an hour. *breath*

Change a diaper.

Don’t pour dirt on your sister’s head. No! You don’t pour dirt on your sister’s head either.

“Can we have a snack?”

Please don’t wreck the tricycle into the garage door.

Mop up the water from the bathroom toilet that Ava used to “clean” the bathroom with.

Nurse baby. Serve lunch. Read Winnie the Pooh. All at the same time.

Change a diaper.

Naptime!!!!!! *Breath* check Facebook. Start to comment on someone’s status. Fall asleep before I finish.

“Can we have a snack?”

Nurse baby.

“Can I walk to the library?”, “Can I pull Ava in the wagon?” “Can you carry me?”

No, no, no, turn around and go back outside. You do not need your comforter in the yard.

No dress up clothes outside.

Change a diaper.

Finish dinner.

Nurse baby.

“Can we eat a snack”

Pass baby off to daddy.

Pass out food. (Ahem. I mean serve dinner.)

Change a diaper…or two.


And to all a good night.


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