Photo Dump (At Least I Have a Good Camera Now!)

Obviously I fell off the blogging bandwagon, which is a crying shame because my babies? They seem to be growing very fast all of the sudden!

Truthfully I am just limping to the finish line with this pregnancy. I mean not to complain or anything, but I am HOT. And tired. And my back hurts. And I’m slow. And did I mention HOT?

Oh yeah. I wasn’t going to complain.

Anyways I lieu of actually putting some thoughts together I’m just going to share pictures. The good news is they aren’t all iPhone pictures. I even braved the manual mode a few times.



(I’m sorta in love with the Beautiful Mess app.)

(And also, that guy.) 🙂





It rained for about five seconds and the Bug was desperate to play with her “umbrello”; the woes of living in a semi-arid climate.


Did you even know my baby has blue eyes? Definitely a perk of real pictures.


Just. Priceless.


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