A Few of My Favorite Things…

Listen I’m not trying to turn into some shopaholic blog that just tells you about new stuff like swimsuits and workouts all the time it’s just that lately I’ve been on a roll finding good stuff!

So today I share a few great finds!

E.l.f. Make-up mist at Target


Make up pretty much melts off my face for some reason so when I stumbled across this for $3 I decided to give it a try and I think it works, but that’s not the point. The point is, I’m addicted. It makes my skin feel soft and smooth and fresh. I give a squirt before make up, after make up, after work out, or if I just need a boost. Lily even insists on a squirt ever morning. Is it the cucumber? The green tea? For all I know or care they could be selling me scented water but for three buckaroos I’m buying what they’re selling.

Under Armour running shoes


Russ and were both showing an embarrassing amount of sock in our tennis shoes so we loaded up and headed to Academy. These were the very first shoes I tried on and they ruined all other tennis shoes for me. Forever. They are soft and light. They make my feet feel like they are getting a nice hug. I loved them so much I made Hubs try a pair on. He bought two. Seriously. That good.

These PJ’s at Wal Mart

(You didn’t actually think I was going to post a pic of me in my jams on the big ole internet right?)

Anyways I’m normally a low key when it comes to bed time wear. Like a tank and skivvies or a t-shirt and shorts kinda gal, however when pregnancy grabs hold of me I become a PJ diva. I need something super light, that doesn’t squeeze, but stays put on my shoulders for all that tossing and turning, the breathes, and so on and so forth. It’s been a quest. Anyways so far these have fit the bill well and for $14 I’ll take it!

Red Rasberry Leaf Tea


I got the Mama’s blend and it is awesome with the added benefit of getting my body ready to have another baby. I also got the Mandarin Red Roobios tea that is chalk full of good stuff and naturally decaffeinated so Lily and I can have a little tea time. Super yummy!

What about you? Find anything great lately?


2 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things…

  1. Okay, mine is the old ladiest thing ever!! But since I have had some rather severe respiratory symptoms since April 3 (!!!), I have a new best friend. It is Kleenex cooling tissues. These are not the ones with aloe, or lotion or anything else….it says “cooling” on them and they ARE miraculous. They feel wonderful on a raw red nose!!


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