Yesterday, (and by yesterday I mean any day this last week) I was scrolling through Instagram and there were a plethora of baking pictures. I thought…should I be baking? Then I remembered that not only do I hate to bake I’m bad at it as well, so for everyone’s sake I should just leave the mixer alone.

And then, (because I’m completely obsessive) I started wondering why some people do like to bake and why it just hasn’t ever appealed to me. This whole thought process led me down a road of normal every day things that I don’t like. I’m just weird y’all.

1. Sweet Stuff. If you told me today that I could never ever again have a cookie, a cupcake, a piece of cake, or a brownie I wouldn’t bat an eye. Seriously. The various exceptions to this are fruit flavored pies, my mom’s banana pudding*, and the occasional oatmeal raisin cookie.

2. Jeans. I hate them. I hate shopping for them and I hate wearing them. They are too tight here, too loose there, and however they fit you this morning is not how they will fit this afternoon. I actually pray that God will move me somewhere tropical so that I can wear dresses everyday. (Because everyone knows that’s the closest you can get to acceptably wearing pajama’s in public.) However since I remain on the Texas plains and we are supposed to get anywhere from 1-12 inches of snow tonight (didn’t make that up), bring on the jeans.

3. Flip flops. I don’t like all that flipping and flopping; the very words sound unpleasant to me. It feels a little bit like getting slapped all day long. No thanks. I prefer my sandals to be securely fastened to my feet.

What about you? Any random weird things that you feel like you should like but don’t?

*this banana pudding reference only applies if it is homemade (none of that pudding mix nonsense), with whole vanilla wafers (don’t you dare crumble them), and served chilled with no refrigerated dairy products. Which is why I said my Mama’s kind because she knows how to make it right.


2 thoughts on “Weirdo

  1. I am in agreement on 1 & 3, and I can sympathize with 2, although a perfect pair of jeans can mean a state of Nirvana for me. You know what I hate that I know I am supposed to love? Salad. Unless my mom makes it. But for me there is absolutely nothing more depressing than eating salad. There is a spinach salad at a restaurant in my hometown that is amazing, but other than that, I hate it. The whole process of eating a giant pile of raw leaves just to be hungry when it is all over makes me hate my life.


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