That Sums it Up

Sorry I’ve been quiet this month. We have had a road trip every weekend of November! So i’lljust give you the review of this last month.

We headed two hours south to Lubbock to watch Tech play Texas and attended my sister’s baby shower. Still not ready to talk about Tech’s disastrous end to the season.


I’m also pretty much convinced me I need some of those sassy red jeans for game days!

Next up we headed to family Christmas on my dad’s side four hours east in Oklahoma. This would also be the place where we tried to get a picture of all three grandchildren. Ha!

Clearly a success. Also I love that Ava looks so put out by not being able to run with the big girls. (Big girls here referring to the two year old and one year old that are running…it’s all relative)

Last Saturday we went south again for Russ’s mom’s family Thanksgiving in Plainview and then back to Amarillo to eat with Russ’s dad’s family for dinner. Of which, of course I managed to get no picture. (Shocking, I know) so here are some random pictures I took that week.


Anyone else just die at their little one’s cheese face? So cute!

Last but certainly not least we drove twelve hours south to Houston for My mom’s side Thanksgiving. It was delicious. And wonderful. And utterly exhausting!

Ten hours in the car with no meltdowns called for a cookie!


The first morning the girls woke up before five. Before. Five.

God bless.

Hubs and I took advantage of all those built in babysitters and went downtown for a date! He wouldn’t let me take pic if him ice skating. Every party needs a pooper… (I kid, the party was his idea, hard to poop your own party!)

Clearly at this point both delirium and car exhaustion had set in!

And then we got home to have a peaceful and restful Monday find out that a man who had gotten arrested run and was on the loose in our neighborhood in handcuffs and looking for a place to hide. I called Hubs who advised me to lock up and load up, being the ever submissive wife that I am, (*grin*) I obeyed. I leave you with this.



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