Summer Words

Oh Hi there!

Long time no see.

Sorry about that, but you know I’m just not much good at keeping up with anything in the summer.

Now I’m in an August haze, still tightly clinging to swimsuits and running short, but looking excitedly ahead to football an falling leaves. This fog is leaving me with words but no coherent order for them. I’m going to share some of our summer words. Share some of yours.

Jump. Splash. Run. Nap. Play. Sing. Swim. Wagon. Watermelon. Car. Family. Weddings. Swing. Nanny. Olympics. Adoption. Slide. Fun. Loud. Grow. Change. Boo Mommy. Hot. Busy. Nana. Books. Sitting up. Poppa. Bugs. Float. Cousins. Dirt. Stroller. Walk. Friends. Zoo. Blessings. Playdate. Church. Love. Sit up. Papa. Travel. Birthday Parties. Ice Cream. Aunts. Uncles. Giggle. Ouchie. Animals. New.

Okay. Your turn.


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