Laundry Day

I used to love laundry. All the sorting and organizing and color definition. It speaks to my soul. Little girl clothes have changed that for me because there are just so many of them. And they are small and hard to fold (don’t let me fool you, I don’t actually fold them).

So today we have been exploring different things to do with the laundry piled up in my living room.

1. Play dress up. Cause there’s no fun like the fun of wearing daddy’s shirt as a hat and mommy’s dress as a jacket.

2. Decorate. You should see the underwear art installments I have in my living room right now. (I’ll spare you the pictures)

3. Run and jump in like a big pile of fall leaves. Because we don’t actually ER big piles of leaves around here. This seems like a reasonable substitute.

I’m still taking ideas to help me pretend that I don’t actually have to do the laundry. Anyone? Anyone?


Okay I guess I’ll go start a load.


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