Any Guesses?

So some mommy’s I blog stalk are about to have babies and they played fun guessing games. So let’s just give it a try for fun.

I am 38 weeks and one day. I had Lily at 38 weeks and three days. I never dilated past a one and I never dropped before I had her. ( just adding that sine those of you who have seen me lately know that, as usual, I’m carrying my baby somewhere between my first and third rib.)

Lily was 11 days before due date and weighed 7lbs 8oz.

So go ahead give me your best guess…



4 thoughts on “Any Guesses?

  1. Im guessing:
    The 17th…3:45 pm…7lbs, 11oz!
    not to make you wait longer but that’s my guess!
    Love you! Hope all goes fast and painless!
    I already know she will be beautiful so that’s a given!


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