New Year Craziness

Hubs teaches the college ministry for our church on Thursday nights. I missed a week in December because I was traveling and this was the week that they decided to discuss the New Year’s Eve party.

Any guesses where they decided to have it?

In a moment of sheer hormonal craziness I agreed to have the party at our house. Way out in the boon docks.

Why craziness? Because I have the habits of a ninety year old woman. I consider it wild to stay up past ten and no matter what time I go to bed my eyes pop open at 6:00 AM at the absolute latest. While age wise I am only a few years (or no years) older than most of our group, mentally and physically I’m on my way to a retirement community. Charming isn’t it?

But this…

And this…

And especially this…

Made staying up to ring in the new year totally worth it!

Oh, I praise God for this group! I love that this is the ministry God has called us to, we got the sweet spot in ministry for sure!

Happy New Year!!!!


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