That Caterpillar has Nothing On Us

So The Very Hungry Caterpillar has been brought to shame by none other than my little Lilybug.
Y’all I’m not an ‘over concerned’ parent. I’m totally good with just waiting things out to see if it will just work itself out. It always has.

But lately? People keep bring up the same issue. A LOT of people. In a lot of different settings.

That issue? My kid eats. She eats A LOT. And then acts like she is still hungry.

It’s difficult to even cook because she goes into meltdown mode if she sees food and she isn’t getting any right then, even I she ate 5 minutes ago!

So here is the deal. I’m going to hash this out right here because it seems like a silly thing to call the doctor over.

Point one: Our daily menus looks like this.
Breakfast: Oatmeal and fruit
Snack: Pear (a whole one)
Lunch: Chicken and Rice with Veggies
Snack: Handful of Cheerios (multi-grain)
Snack: (2 hours later) Yogurt and wheat crackers ( sometimes another piece of fruit.
Dinner: Whatever mommy makes

So basically every two hours she wants to sit down and eat.

(If it looks like our meals our a little too consistent that’s because they are. I’m lazy trying to simplify)

Point two: At any point immediately following or between these meals she will ask for and (if given to her) eat more food.

Point three: Her weight is completely normal for her age and she has only been walking for a month so maybe she needs the extra energy?

Point four: We eat very healthy around here so at least of she needs to eat a lot the food is good for her.

Anyway, mostly I’m bringing this up for selfish reasons. Lily is making me look like I don’t ever feed her. She begs and pleads for food to anyone that might provide. This mama spends too much time in the kitchen to not get credit!

So what do you think? Overreacting? Guess I’ll just ask the doctor when we go next month because somehow casually bringing it up during a check up seems much more reasonable than calling it in!


2 thoughts on “That Caterpillar has Nothing On Us

  1. No worries! Em’ry has done the same thing since she was 6 months! Now she’s 3 and stiil eats every two hours. She even takes a full snack at bedtime. We are talking a banana or beef jerky and cheese snack at 10pm some nights! Hang in there!


  2. Hi, I’m an old friend of Boo’s-who helped prepare your own nursery! I love following your saga, it is special to me.
    Your daughter sounds very normal to me, she is still growing a lot, getting into the whole world takes a plenty of fuel! At about age 3 she will stop eating everything but a select few favorites-that willl really make you crazy. It won’t be long until these long waiting days will be in the past and you will look back at them as precious memories, you are not alone.

    Best Wishes to your entire family for the Holidays


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