The Cloth Diaper Thing

So if you would have asked five years ago I would have told you I wasn’t even really sure if I wanted kids.

Well I do. Lots of em.

If you would have asked me just two years ago I would have told you that I want kids, but I’m not gonna be one of those hipster mommies. Nothing about formula, kids videos, or disposable diapers bothered me.

Now? Today? I have become that mom. That wife. That person.

I’m not hardcore and I certainly don’t think my way is the only way or even the right way for everybody. I didn’t change my mind about everything overnight. It was one little decision after another.

It started small. I wanted whole foods in my house. Lose the processing and preserves. It was difficult and we are still working on it.

Then I decided I wanted to let my body do what it God made it to do when I had Lily. Again, not for everybody, but it worked for me and I felt great.

Nursing was next. All the sudden I had a determination in me to just keep in natural (I weaned at nine months because of the course my pregnancy was taking.)

Then I started recycling. Just the basic easy stuff. Cans, milk jugs, paper.

At last the crazy set in for good. This where those closest to me decided I had lost it. (Russ and Boo)

I ordered cloth diapers.

Now reactions and even just the regularity of cloth diapering is pretty regional. Suffice it to say it’s not prevalent in the Texas Panhandle. So I get a lot of weird looks and lots of questions.

So here is the (very little) I know.

We use Sunbaby All in ones. Which means that we don’t buy different sizes because they just snap to fit. It is just a diaper with a pocket to put absorbent inserts in.

The #1 diapers are just as easy if not easier than disposables. You just change them and put them in the diaper champ to be washed later. The # 2’s? Not so quite so easy, but not as bad as you think. Just empty in the toilet and then if necessary rinse.

I wash two or three times a week. A little baking soda eliminates the smell.

I haven’t been brave enough to travel without disposables yet but I’m thinking about it soon.

Like I said the crazy set in. It’s not going away.

Any questions?


3 thoughts on “The Cloth Diaper Thing

  1. I did cloth diapers for both my kids. ages 21 and 25. They both had eczema and couldn’t tolerate even rubber pants to go over the diapers so my mom took T-shirt material and covered an old cut up vinyl tablecloth cut to a pattern not too different then a paper diaper (she put elastic around leg openings) shape and sewed on snaps in different places for different sizes and I would put the diapers just down the middles where they really needed it. They were wet proof so I could dress them for going out but we just ran around in bare diapers and T-shirts at the house. I washed in dreft and bleach and always had super white fresh smelling diapers. If you use bleach, always rinse with vinegar. It keeps any yeast from growing too.


  2. Hi Kaylie, i work with your mom
    and ive been reading your blog on and off for a while. I’m having a little girl in Jan, (congrats by the way) and I totally agree with everything you just mentioned. Except recycling. Not that I’m against it, I’m just not passionate about it. I understand what you mean. My husband is totally against cloth diapers and I want to try them. People look at me like I’m crazy if I mention wanting to have a medication free delivery and I desperately hope I can nurse and will stick with it. I am such s HUGE supporter of that.
    Anyway, just thought I’d come out of lurking and say hey.


    1. Yeah my strategy ended up being just not telling people. I needed my hubs an my doctor on my side and decided it was no one else’s business! The cloth diaper thing has been an adjustment but when you add up how much it saves it makes it all seem worth it!


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