Walking a Thin Line

For the five of you who have followed this little blog for the last three years and watched me go from a single girl dreaming Italian dreams to a wife and soon-to-be-mother of two you may have notices the crickets chirping last summer.

That’s because I stopped blogging when I was pregnant with the Bug. Because y’all there is a thin line between being real and being really annoying. And I felt myself crossing that line. I feel the temptation to cross that line again.

But I don’t want to do that again because this blog is stuffed full of my memories, and I want these memories.

When you have surgery the doctors warn you that you will get “a little depressed” during recovery due to the fact that you are laid up. There is no warning on a pregnancy test box (and trust me I have read EVERY word) that says, “warning may cause minor depression due to inability to complete basic menial tasks such as cooking dinner, playing with your baby, standing up for ten minutes, or nursing you child because of constant nausea and vomiting.”

Fortunately I’m already dealing better this time(and it’s not just the ‘less drowsy’ Dramamine.) Now that I’m not quite so brand new at this I can find the humor in the fact the the Bug has pretty much learned to pull up on the bath tub because mommy has spent so much time laying on the bathroom floor.

So I’m going to keep walking the thin line of real memories while searching for the Silver Lining of God’s Grace.

Silver Lining #1: I finally lost the 3-5 pounds I needed to be back to my previous pre-pregnancy weight!


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