I’m due

I’m due for a blog post.

So how is this…

I’m due in February. Yes, I’m having another baby sometime in early Februrary. I’ll jut go ahead and address the FAQ we have gotten on this surprising revelation.

Was it planned?
It was NOT planned by Russ and me. However, sparing details that are NONE OF YO BUSSINESS I can tell you this pregnancy took divine intervention, therefore I can only assume that it WAS planned by God!

How do you feel about it?
I would love to say exilerated, but honestly I’m scared out of my wits. As stated above babies only 16 months apart was not my plan. As time passes though the excitement is creeping in.

Why about your adoption?
We are still praying about this (and would appreciate it if joined) but we do know that we are still called to adopt. It’s just a matter of deciding how to proceed and at what pace. (yes, that likely means three very small children in my not-so-distant future.) (Did I mention terrified???)

How do you feel?
In the words of my friend Kate,”For something you body is made to do it always seems like you are having a severe allergic reaction.” Basically I’m losing my guts several times a day and having severe headaches. If you feel led to come scrub my toilets I won’t stop you.

So there it is. We know that this is where the Lord has us right now and we are so blessed and honored!


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