Rain Rain…

So I know I have a serious problem with whining about the weather too much. I’m working on it, but I have to share this with you because I dreamed about rain. Which wouldn’t be that big of a deal but I NEVER remember my dreams so it must be important.

I’m sure I dreamed about rain because someone in the Panhandle got some rain. I don’t know anyone who did, and I don’t know where exactly it happened, but that’s what they are telling me on the news. Also I saw a cloud yesterday and I felt moisture this morning. So there is hope that this….

and this…

Will stop happening for awhile.

I have a very complicated relationship with the weather. I love warm, but not the warm, bright sunny thing all the time. I LOVE me a hot, cloudy, rainy day. It seems like that should happen in the Texas Panhandle, but it doesn’t.  On the off chance that it does rain here the temperature drops 20 degrees, what a waste of potential.  Which I’m pretty sure means I was meant to live in a jungle, however no matter how much I try to convince Hubs to go along with this he just doesn’t feel Led…

Yet 😉


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