Hi, my name is Kaylie and I’m addicted to organizing, cleaning out and rearranging.

This daily desire of mine to just “get rid of all of it” and live a very simple life” wouldn’t be so much of a problem if I wasn’t married to a man that constantly says things such as, “we might need that sometime,” and “why do thing have to change” (actually he didn’t so much say as whine that last one) (and I know Russ doesn’t seem like the whiny type, he’s not, but he had a moment*) so here I stand in the middle of a mess of STUFF trying desperately to overcome my desire to haul it all off to Good Will in the morning. Unfortunately there are no sponsors for these kinda of things.

I’m begging you please, please, please

I really like my Hubs and I want him to like me too 😉


2 thoughts on “Intervention

  1. First of all…..I was not whining! Secondly…….you do have a problem and I will pray desperately for you. And last but not least………..whatever you do, don’t throw anything away until I see what you are throwing away. lol

    PS. I like you too. Do you wanna go out?

    Check one:


  2. Sweet, sweet, Kaylie – As you know, I (like my son) am on the extreme opposite spectrim of this… I treasure all my STUFF. Chris, on the other hand, is much like you.

    You were begging: “please, please, please help me”. So, just for fun….. my observations are:

    IF you don’t have STUFF – you don’t have to throw STUFF away. Maybe the easiest cure would be to live in a tent. You can’t have much STUFF in a tent…and it would constitute a “Very Simple Life”!

    If you are just going to give it away, you can choose to refuse the STUFF that others want to bless you with. Problem solved… It saves you “cleaning-out” and “hauling-off” time plus, it doesn’t waste any hard earned money. So, knowing that you don’t want STUFF, solves my list for your birthday and Christmas 😀 Love you bunches 🙂


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