5 Months

Dearest Lilybug,

The calendar tells me that you are five months old today, it always seems to sneak up on me! You are getting more and more fun by the day. In fact you picked today to show us all how good you can sit up…almost on your own.

Your sweet little personality is really starting to shine through, you laugh and wiggle constantly. You are becoming quite the charmer. Lily, I have also noticed that you are starting to dig your heels in, I can tell you have little bit of a stubborn streak. Just remember there is nothing wrong with standing your ground, but don’t let stubborn pride take over, nothing good comes of that, take it from someone who knows…your dad (okay, okay maybe me just a little bit too).

You are learning so many new things right now too, it seems like everyday we have new trick! Your favorites as of late are getting a hold of those feet and blowing raspberries, because you dear are nothing if not oh-so-ladylike :D.

Watching you grow and learn so quickly puts a heavy burden on my heart to be a good and most importantly Godly example to you, I can tell now that you are soaking it all in at a rate that I cannot even fathom!

Your daddy and I love you so much Lilybug.




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