Not So Super

In which I share my Superbowl opinions…

The Football was awesome and surprisingly gripping considering I didn’t think I cared.

As far as commercials go I just have to say this…WHEN DID TRASHY BECOME THE NEW BLACK?!?!?

(Here comes the rant) I mean when a commercial about Detriot featuring Eminem is the one of the LEAST profane commercials something has gone seriously wrong. And also how does a trailer for for Fast and Furious #27 become Superbowl-worthy?

Also I could probably spend days talking about the light up unitards with box heads doing the running man, but really, I think they just spoke for themselves.

So to recap I actually enjoyed the football part of the Superbowl, the car commercials took the cake (Chrysler, Beetle, Darth Vader), and everything else (which took the majority of the time) smelled a little like one of Lily’s diapers.

Thanks and have a good day.


2 thoughts on “Not So Super

  1. Just in the interest of friendly conversation and civil discourse…..and I NEVER thought I would find us at opposite ends of this debate…with me at THIS end, but I thought the lit up costumes in the shape of the arrows, dancing around the Black Eyed Peas…were just great. Don’t make me get out pictures of you in some of your costumes from high school!!!

    I can’t comment on the commercials…my party was a touch loud to hear them. I have it recorded, though…..and we can discuss later!!


  2. 1. I didn’t get to pick my costumes.
    2. Ummmm no the only saving grace was a little Usher dance…really light up shoulder pads. Really?!?!


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