Come Fly With Me

Lily loves flying. She knows no fear. She also knows she is safe in daddy’s hands.

Someday she will learn fear. She will fall down and hurt herself. She will be let down probably by her daddy and me at some point.

I pray that as she learns fear she will also learn faith. Because without fear there is no reason for faith. Without looking into the unknown and being scared there is no reason to learn to trust.

I have gotten hurt and I have been let down, but they were experiences that led me to faith in Jesus. He has never let me down. And while I have not even come close to overcoming fear, I have learned to trust that my Heavenly Daddy won’t let me down. So as I think about what is coming in our lives and start to tremble a little it is even more important that I put my faith in Christ. Because now someone is watching and learning about how to handle fear.

I pray that as Lily learns fear she will also learn faith. Faith in Jesus.

But for right now we are just gonna keep flying!


2 thoughts on “Come Fly With Me

  1. Hi Kaylie,

    I just went back and read everything! WOW. I was sitting home tonight alone and have been wanting to take the time to read the blogs that Lauren and Emily tell me about so I started reading the recent ones and then had to go back to see where it all began. So fun! Thanks for making my night go by a little faster and keep blogging. I love it!

    Dee Dee


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