Shop til ya…Give up

Christmas shopping with my mom:

“I want something like this.”

“Except I want it to zip all the way down”

“And not Nike”

“And not Fleece”

“And I want Black or White, not Grey”

“So really nothing like this one”


” I think I’ll just get everyone cash”


The End.

Good Luck with your last minute gifts!


One thought on “Shop til ya…Give up

  1. You gave me up!! The GREAT NEWS is that at the very, very last ninute, I found it!!! In black, nylong-ish underarmour brand…in the right size…it was perfect!!!! So I didn’t have to give him cash….not that there’s anything wrong with that….as you always tell me!!

    Why, oh why couldn’t I be one of those natural shoppers that can just FIND the perfect thing????? Like Aunt Connie? Or Christie?

    Oh I know…no patience, I get panicky in a crowd. Worried that people are waiting on me. I remember now!!!


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