Making a Comeback

Let’s face it, if Madonna can keep making people think she’s cool this should be a breeze for me.

I choose to stop blogging mostly out of laziness, but I’m back! Hopefully to keep friends and family updated, but I realized even if no one reads this it makes for a great journal!

The Run down:

Here’s whats been going on the last few months-

Pregnancy (blah)

Baby (Yay)

Sleepless nights (blah)

Baby’s first smile, pictures, football game, airplane ride, snow, and fabulous shoes. (YAY)

So anyways as you can see the big thing going on around here is actually a very small person! I just thought we were having adventures before. This, my dear friends, beats all! Lily is awesome. There really are no other words to describe our sweet daughter. She has started really smiling a lot this week and it just MELTS me every single time like I have never seen it before.

Come to think of it I’ve pretty much been a pile of mush since she was born. I mean I know you don’t know this, but I have the cutest baby ever!

Russ and I had pretty much determined that we were going to be cool parents. Laid back. Chill. And then she was born…She could pretty much can do nothing and we think it is so cute that we take a picture and text it to everyone.

Speaking of pictures they will be up as soon as I figure out where Russ put the camera!

Here’s an ‘old’ one for now:


2 thoughts on “Making a Comeback

  1. You got some new shoes?

    Ha!! Just joking! So glad to see you back on…I always loved your blogs. Keep it up. It may even inspire me to write in mine every once in awhile!!


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