10 Things

Inspired by this post yesterday on the LPM blog I have decided to share 10 things that you might not know about me:

1. I get inexpressible joy from writing with a sharpened pencil, not mechanical, just old fashioned sharpened pencil.

2. I love the sound of breaking glass and often dream about smashing glasses, not in anger, just for fun.

3. I button jeans before I hang them up and did not know that I did that until Russ told me last month.

4. When I go for a walk I count my steps in 8’s like I’m counting music.

5. I must pace when I talk on the phone. I am almost not physically capabable of talking on the phone while sitting in one place.

6. I iron with my right hand, but with the ironing board facing for a left-handed person (That one is on you Boo)

7. When I’m in Amarillo at lunch sometimes I go out to eat by myself at a restaurant because I like the way it feels.

8. When I get bored at home alone I try on my prettiest dresses. Always have. Always will.

9. I plan a different vacation every week. When I say plan, I mean look up tickets, hotels, tours and add up a total cost analysis including food. It has never been the same place twice.

10. I too, like Beth, love black music. Ex:

What about you?

***Also someone in the comments of that post stated that they are a STARCHETARIAN. That is my official new description*****


3 thoughts on “10 Things

  1. Best post yet! I found out some things about you that I didn’t know! I will look up the LPM blog when I get home. Now, if you do the Sansone walk at home program, her counting will drive you crazy! She is often off on her count.


  2. Okay, here are my 10: (Actually I came up with about 20)

    1) I growl when I’m frustrated.

    2) If I sleep on my back, I have night terrors.

    3) Listening to the wind makes me sad. (Not a good thing when you live in the Texas panhandle.)

    4) School supply aisles make me giddy!

    5) I have always had a real desire to go up to beautiful homes and ask the owners for a tour.

    6) I own my own guns and know how to use them.

    7) Kindness’ given to me make me weepy and guilty at the same time.

    8) Love purses, all kinds, all colors, and have been known to refer to my car as my “purse on wheels”.

    9) I have made many wonderful, moving and motivating speeches………….but they never left my head or reached any ears.

    10) One of my biggest pet peeves is for people to rush INTO the elevator before the people have EXITED the elevator! Please!!!!!!!!



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