A Word on the matter of being Punctual…

I’m not one for lateness. In fact I’m one that buys in to the whole “If your on time your late and if your early your on time” business.

I believe that it is disrespectful of others time to show up anywhere late. Just ask my girls…if they walk in at 4:01 then we have already started barre work and they have to do extra warm-ups (Yes, I am THAT teacher).

However on February 12th I committed an infraction. I was late…about two days late to be exact.

So I did what any normal young woman would do I ran for that amazing little test and then headed for the restroom. Negative. Nada. Nothing.

On waking on the 13th and still not being as punctual as I usually am I decided to do it again. And after I got the result from that one I took at least four more tests, because of course you never really can be sure if something you bought at Wal-Greens can really tell you something that important.

Yet, there it was. A little blue plus sign. WHOAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Yes, that’s right. Russ and I are so blessed to be expecting an addition to our family this October.

And on the matter of being punctual…don’t count on it, along with the huge blessing comes the morning (all day) sickness and exhaustion equivalent to running a marathon (not that I actually have mind you, that is just the most mind boggling tired I could think of being) I don’t really seem to be in a hurry to get anywhere that isn’t my couch.


3 thoughts on “A Word on the matter of being Punctual…

  1. Kaylie, first of all, I am so GLAD that you were late in this one instance…in fact I am EXTATIC!!! You and Russ will make great Godly parents.

    Now on the second subject, I know exactly where you are coming from on the tardiness issue…Chris is the king of early-to-arrive. AND – Way to go girl – you are teaching those little ones a very valuable lesson.


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