Growing Pains

I discovered something wonderful over Christmas break!

As I was desperately searching for bobby pins (don’t get me started I have lifelong strife with those things) to put my hair back with I grabbed a ponytail holder. Mostly they have been banished for the last year due to their utter unhelpfulness with my short hair.

Lo and behold when I slipped it in…

I had a ponytail.

Actually that is a misnomer it is more like a pug tail…but it DOES EXIST!!!!!

This hair growing out business is difficult however I was thrilled and encouraged and feeling like I such wonderful luscious long locks when I decided like a good ballerina to put my hair up for my Jr. Ballet Class.

They laughed at me. ME!!! Their young, hip, oh-so-cool dance teacher! I got made fun of by 10 year olds!!! Which of course caused a complex stretching back to my own middle school days that I am now in the process of dealing with; needless to say I haven’t had a pugtail since Monday!

I now have to desist my typing because in the Hodges household when the Meteorologist Speaks there must be UTTER SILENCE in the house. No questions are allowed such as, “Why is Friday Blowing snow AT Thursday” (because it will snow in the middle of the night…DUH)  I personally don’t feel that I need the meteorologist to tell me that it is COLD and SNOWY, What do you think!?!?!


2 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. I am so glad you are back! I checked your blog everyday until this Monday and I finally decided to give up. Now I can add reading your blog back to my normal morning routine =)


  2. Good to have you back blogging. I need to do the same.

    I know what you mean about the meterologist…it is the highlight of Chris’ day…must be where Russ gets it. LOL


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