A Wedding Story

Yesterday my mom and I went to Lubbock for a wedding.

Well let me back up a little bit, I was at a family reunion yesterday morning and she had some shopping to do so we just met up in Amarillo to drive to Lubbock together.

We got there a little early and decided to sneak in the back of the church and find a bathroom to change and get ready. We got dressed, make-up on, and hair teased and it was still pretty early so we did what anyone would do…we went and got cherry limeaides at Sonic!

If you know me and my mom we can talk a hundred miles an hour with each other and never have to finish a sentence. So we are sipping our cherry limeaides and chatting in the car in the church parking lot when all the sudden my mom says,

“There should be people here. Where are all the people?”

I respond, “Check the address are you sure we are at the right place?

So I dig in the backseat for the invitation, as my eyes scan it I check the sign on the church, Yup we are in the right place. So why could possibly be the deal?

At second glance at the invitaion I see it. There it is right there in black and white. Friday, July Thirty First. (In case you were unaware yesterday was Saturday, August First)

Evidently Boo saw it at the same time because she exclaimed, “Friday?!?!, Who gets married on Friday?!?!”

Then we dissolved into laughter so intense it could definately count as an arobic excersice! We figured since we were all dressed and both having a good hair day (don’t lie, you know how rare that is!) we would take ourselves out to dinner at Stella’s.

All in all not a bad outing! I’m sure the wedding was beautiful and the Mother of the Bride promised to send us pictures.!


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