Movin’ On Up

Because, ya know, we managed to go a couple of months without anything big happening this year it’s time to shake things up again!!!!

Russ and I are moving back up to the panhandle. Vega to be specific!

We’ve prayed like some crazy people and now we are just jumping in head over heels. In 19 days we will be headed up and moving out.

I love Lubbock and there is so much I’m gonna miss, but I know God’s got great plans for us and after the Italy incedent of ’08 I can’t contain my excitement about being just a little closer to home!

Stick around for updates as they come!


3 thoughts on “Movin’ On Up

  1. I never in a million years thought you would live in a small town…..then again, I had my concerns that you might not live in the United States at all! God truly does work in mysterious ways……


  2. We excited for y’all to be living in Vega. It’s such a blessing having young couples adding life to small towns. Now we’ll get to sit by y’all at more ballgames! Gonna be fun having y’all here! Love, Melanie


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