Little Things

I really and truly believe that God can do big mircles, that He can change lives, and he can make impossible things happen. However I also believe that sometimes he gives us little silly joys in life that deserve just as much praise and here is mine right now….

Summer Dress Code!!!!

For the next three months I don’t have to wear pantyhose and jackets, and I can wear open toed shoes! This makes my day so much more comfortable!

See, I told you it was a silly thing…Praise The Lord!!!

Also if you think of me today I need your prayers because I have to bake two cakes today for a bake sale, and in case you forgot this baking incident you know that can be somewhat of a challenge for me!


2 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. YOU are a good cook. I hope the bake sale was a success.

    It is so amazing how FREE we feel without panty hose…another little blessing from God. ENJOY your summer!!!


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