Happy February!!!!

I absolutely adore Febuary. Besides that fact that it means January is over and its kinda funky cause it short Febuary has one of my favorite holidays.

Yup that’s right I love Valentines. Is it because I’m a dreamy hopeless romantic? Probably not.(Russ and I have been accused of being ‘practical’ too many times for that!)

So I know that it seems like a strange holiday to love and it’s also a little strange that I’m raving about it more that a week before it happens, but I celebrate Valentines for a whole month for one little bitty fabulous reason. These:



5 thoughts on “Happy February!!!!

  1. And one more thing……after you sort them you can find out how many of each color is in each box! Is it always the same? Hmmmmm…………go girl go, and tell me what you find!


  2. One of many reasons I love you…..candy hearts. Not only can you eat them but you can have a conversation with them. Wow it’s amazing!!!


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