Madness Continued…

Ahhhhhhhhhhh home at last and with more Christmas traveling wisdom that I’m sure is pertinent to all!

5. No one is safe from spit up. With an eight month old it will and does happen.

4. Getting spit up on is really happy thing because it means your holding the cutest baby ever!

3. Shaving your legs in a hunting lodge shower is a difficult and almost acrobatic act that will leave you sore.

2. You know how they say, “if you build it they will come.” Well then if you cook it they will eat…and eat…and eat!

1. It really and truly is all about Marissa ; )


One thought on “Madness Continued…

  1. Okay I have a few comments on this entry…

    1. I love your new hair cut. It is OH so cute!

    2. I have that same t-shirt.

    3. I totally understand the almost acrobatic routine trying to shave your legs. I did it for a week. Try shaving on a cruise ship (the showers are not luxurious). We sure are talented!


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