Dash away all!

And dash we will! We got back from Ft. Worth last night and we are leaving to go to the North Pole Texas Panhandle this afternoon!

Lessons learned from Christmas trip one:

1. You should always keep a road map with you even if you “aren’t lost”

2. I’m pretty darn good at scatagories and really really horrible at every other game in existence.

3. When you hear the alarm go off in a house full of people early in the morning it would be advisable to grab a bucket of popcorn and a coke and enjoy the show.Any attempt to help allieviate the situation will be futile and quite possibly dangerous.

4. Cheeseballs, while tatsy and delicious, when eaten as a meal will tear your stomach to pieces.

5. Christmas with family is always a blessing!

More lessons learned comming!



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