Facing the music

I’m not in Rome. I’m not a nanny living in Europe. There is really no reason for me to have a picture of the Roman skyline.

So I changed to something a little more appropriate.

When I began writing this less than six months ago I couldn’t even have begun to imagine that this is where the Lord would lead me, but now that I’m here I can’t imagine it any other way. So join me in my new adventures, with a new title, and a new look that is all a little more appropriate for my new (and improved) place in life.

(You gotta know being a newlywed won’t be boring ; )


2 thoughts on “Facing the music

  1. I know my eyes are not great, but I do have my cheaters on…tell me, were you really writing this at 2:31 a.m.? Do you get ANY sleep? Your new format is beautiful and your storybook look and title is fitting for the Cinderella story you are living and the Prince Charming you are about to marry.

    I Love you!!


  2. Your new format is very pretty!In response to your question about my neighbor……sorry for the disappointment but he is married. Unfortunate i know becuase he is very nice and very smart. He’s great to have around though, married or not! He mowed my lawn once, he fixed my gate, he hung my blinds, he helped me do Cameron’s test!! Yeah, he’s a super handy man to have around. My prince charming will someday magically appear!!!! ha ha ha ha ha
    happy halloween!!


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