Today I am reorganizing.

We had our first shower this weekend in Vega and it was wonderful. The women were so friendly and the gifts were very generous. Not to mention the all important cake…it was amazing!

This means that Russ’s house (soon to be Our house) is jam packed. We now have to find space for new stuff, reorganize and clean out old stuff and do some shuffling to make it all fit. Since we have two more showers full of new stuff for us, we will have a lot of redistribution to make it all happen.

That’s what I’m doing today. Sounds like a nightmare doesn’t it?

Well for most people maybe, but we’ve already determined that I have a few things all twisted in my brain. One of the results of that twistedness: I love to clean things out…and I especially love to organize things!

I have been looking forward to today for three days now! There are few things in life that bring me as much joy as labeling, color coding, moving, and just basically organizing things. I’m sitting here almost giggling just thinking about all of the stuff I get to do today.

On that note, I’m gonna get down to businesss…


4 thoughts on “Showered

  1. Sounds like a trip down the school supply aisle to me!!! You know, markers, labels………..oh the possibilities. Child, I love how you think!


  2. hey girl. I am so happy for you. I am also happy to know i’m not the only one who gets kicks out of organizing and such 🙂
    Anyway, you’ll be glad to know you and a couple others have inspired me to start my own blog. Why i feel the need to narrate my life i’m not really sure?!?! anyway, i’m not as good of a writer as you. Yours are so good! I was trying to add music to my blog and i can’t figure it out. Just wondering if you knew how to do it????
    Gotta go. My blog is Promise not to laugh.


  3. Kaylie, you are so cute and What a blessing!!! Most people complain about this very thing you are excited. I have to say, of myself, cleaning and organizing do not excite me in the least. Don’t lose your enthusiasm.


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