Stars and Sequins

Dancing with the Stars was on last night and of course like the dedicated fan I am I plopped down on the couch ready to see some fabulous costumes, pretty music, and of couse dancing and stars. I’m not one to mind doing things alone, but this is one show that I really don’t think is fun to watch alone…so I begged. Just a little bit.

Russ finally came and sat down with me protesting the whole time. He sat throught the first 15 minutes with a horribly grumpy look on his face so I excused him to go play elsewhere, but he said he was doing this for me and stayed put! He is so sweet isn’t he?!?!

However I became suspicious of something else when I again excused him after Warren danced figuring it wouldn’t get any better than that…again he refused. In fact while I was up running around and talking on the phone he didn’t even change the channel!!!!

He may deny it for all he’s worth, but I think we might have a little Dancing with the Stars fan blooming ; )


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