On The Other Hand

I am notorious for not liking weddings, romance, or general sapiness. So it stands to reason that it drives me crazy when girls get engaged and all the sudden become left handed. They also seem to have this innate ability to make that diamond catch the light no matter where they are.

Drives me nuts. Always has.

Oh no. Did I just wave with my left hand?

Since when do I drink my coffee with my left hand?!?!?

And that ring sure does sparkle when the light is dim!

Ahhhhhh, this is just another one of those humbling lessons in empathy…they just keep coming here lately!

I’ve official full blown, whole heartedly become one of “those girls.” The best part? I don’t even care!!! I think it’s fabulous that all the sudden I’m semi-left-handed!!!

In the spirit of my new attitude, here you go…

Did you see that?!?! Here I’ll give you a better look!

(Thanks for the great idea Mary!)


7 thoughts on “On The Other Hand

  1. wowowoowowow. that is amazing. does he have any brothers?? i would say that you are a VERY lucky girl, but honestly…he is a VERY VERY VERY lucky guy.


  2. The pictures are beautiful ~ Just like you, Miss Kaylie. I just thought it might be nice to put the two together…the red rose of love (which Russ greeted you with at the airport) and your engagement ring ~ an endless circle ~ representing love never ending.

    I’m sure that Russ told you the story behind the diamond. It was given to him by his great-grandmother, Nanny Scott. She wanted him to give it to the love of his life. So, a little bit of her love is in that ring.


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