WOW! Time has flown since I got to Rome.

Nothing has gone as planned but it has all been fabulous. i will very quickly update you on what I have done so far.

Take a deep breath:

Survived two more car rides–Drank six cups of the strongest espresso you have ever laid lips on–Eaten exactly these vegetables; broccoli, tomatoes, and zucchini–Had a siesta–Seen the Circo Massimo, Roman Baths, Coliseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Piazzo Nuvano, Camp di Fiori. Walked approximately 50 kilometers. Lost approximately 7 kilos. Lived in a crash course of Mussolini’s decorating style. Given up air conditioning. Turned down no less than 5 marriage proposals. Learned to say ‘I’m hungary’ in Italian (ho fame). Been on Italian MTV (Roommate is friends with the film crew that was at The Human Race–evidently a big deal!).

Still to come:

Leaving for the beach at 7 tonight on my first bus ride of the trip. We’ll see if that goes to plan. Around here that is doubtful! ( I prayed to the Lord for patience and I believe that Italy is His answer!)


Also I discovered that my computer charger won’t work with the converter I brought so I need to find an Italian charger for my Dell computer any ideas?!?!?


I still have so much to tell and so many thoughts, but they will have to wait until things get more settled.

Please leave me some love! Keep me in your prayers as I am praying for all of you!


Okay Exhale…



11 thoughts on “Whoosh

  1. We saw Russ at Roadhouse and I was so sad you were not there. However, it does sound like you are having a blast!! I get so excited to check and see what you’ve written next! haha.
    Love ya!


  2. Sounds like a whirlwind!!!!!! Italian TV? Marriage Proposals? …understable…but really….vegetables????? unthinkable!!!!!! I can’t wait to hear details. Our prayers and thoughts are with you. If I need to send something converter-wise, I’m sure Russ will be glad to!!!!! (he knows more about that stuff). Thinking about you constantly!


  3. Whew! I need a nap from just reading about your visit so far!!!! Sounds like you’re going to get the computer info you need. Roommate??/ I didn’t know about that. Can’t wait to hear more about Mussolini’s decorating. Be careful saying “ho fame”….it just loses something in the English, don’t you think? 😉 Love ya


  4. Don’t forget to eat some Happy Hippos! You’ve already been on a whirlwind adventure and it’s been how many days. I think I might have to come over there and try to keep an eye on you. It will be like the old days in Rome, except you will be the trouble maker. I love you so much!

    Your Italian Partner in Crime,


  5. By the way….while I was cooking spaghetti tonight putting mushrooms in it of course, I was thinking of you. Then I remembered that you had said you ate vegetables, and I couldn’t believe I didn’t give you a high five for that. Wow!!!! That’s all I’ve got is WOW!!! Next thing you know you’ll love the cold;) hahaha

    love ya 🙂


  6. The day Kaylie Tess Brewer eats vegetables is a GOOD day! Maybe you can eat queso with me when you get back =) Your blog has been great and I have enjoyed keeping up with you on all of your adventures. BTW… Krista received her book and thinks you need to be a writer. She loved it just as we knew she would. So you have now published a book and you have been on TV. It sounds like things are going your way! Miss ya~


  7. Alright, this thing isn’t making me happy…I posted a comment and then it said “awaiting moderation’ and now it’s gone. I don’t get it! but none the less, I enjoy your updates. We saw Russ at Roadhouse the other night and I was so sad you were not there, but I’ve very glad you seem to be doing well.
    Now that you are eating veggies, we have many more options besides grilled cheese at my place when you get back. 🙂
    Love ya!


  8. VEGETABLES!!!!! I am so proud of you. I will admit to a tear catching up on your blogs, you know me thats huge for me. Glad you are doing so well and I didn’t doubt that Italy would fall in Love with you. You are always in my prayers. Luv Luv!


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