On the Road Again

Oh where do I even begin…

Yesterday was definately an eventful day! We drove to Ft. Worth for the last leg of my Texas tour and I was sick to my tummy the whole time. No bueno.

We got to Brian and Autumn’s (Russ’s brother and sister-in-law) house and played with his neice Elizabeth for the afternoon. She is absolutely adorable. That’s when things got a little shaken up.

Russ decided to be a good little brother and help put in a water heater. Autumn, Elizabeth, and I were sitting in the living room when the electricity flashed.

Utter panic.

Autumn jumped up with her super fast mommy reflexes to check on Russ. Really. She was like lightning.

 She called his name three times and he didn’t answer. I was ablsolutely freaking out, however in a rare moment of level-headedness I stayed in the living room to play with Elizabeth so she wouldn’t panic (practice for what I’m getting myself into.)

It turns out that he had burned his hand pretty badly, but he didn’t get shocked or hurt worse. Praise the Lord!!!

Needless to say he got appropriately scolded later for not promptly answering to let us know he was okay. (He says he was in shock, but even with sever injuries how dare he worry me like that; I mean really!)

On a good note he is feeling much better today and we went out for breakfast and cofee. Later we are taking Elizabeth to the Botanical Gardens and then we are going out on a date in Downtown Ft. Worth (Oh Yeah)



One thought on “On the Road Again

  1. First – Super Happy russ is okay
    Second – Miss you but know you are having the time of your life!
    Third – Still haven’t figured out how to subscribe…. but its cool I am just going to check more often!
    Fourth – see I remember what you said about commenting! I will be adding the lovely hat pics to myspace here in a little bit!
    Love You Bunches!


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