Suprise, Suprise

A couple of great suprises this weekend:

1. Thursday night I made the very last minute decision to go to OKC. I got to hang out with my absolutely adorable neice and my fabulous aunt all day. I can’t believe how grown up Callie is; she was chatty and fun albiet a little tired especially by the time we got there.

2. I got to see my wonderful cousin from Arkansas, Jenny, and her husband Dan. They are turning into Super-parents and of course Jenny always somehow manges to look like a super model even while burping a baby (I need lessons on how to be that fabulous) I got to meet thier new son Cade. I think he looks like Tommy Pickles, however no one around me seems to know anything about Rugrats which is disappointing cause Tommy was really cool!

3. Lacee came home early so when I got home Friday night we got to have an impromptu girls night! We just laughed and talked and caught up. I got to see everyone I wanted to see all in one dose and I didn’t even have to wait until the Saturday party. Also I got my first Mia fix. Now I know that sounds a little scary like some crazy drug, but really it’s just Lacee’s daughter.

So basically my weekend was filled with people I love and lots of adorable bambinos!

Also there was the Saturday party that got rained out, but somehow that just made it more fun. Then this morning I got to go to Grace Church in Amarillo with Russ and his parents. Really I had a weekend packed with too much love for words! In fact I think I have rambled quite enough!



4 thoughts on “Suprise, Suprise

  1. See i told you I would look at your website. Thanks for coming to church with us yesterday, it was a blast. Love you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!!


  2. Hey Kaylie! You are too sweet, but actually Cade looks like Jack Jack from The Incredibles. It was really wonderful to see you. You get prettier and prettier everyday. I do wonder though how your able to walk around in 5 inch heels.


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