Holy Cow!!!

In less than two weeks I will be officially jobless and homeless.  I will have no place to live and absolutely no income. I guess that officially makes me a bum.

It also makes me very very scared.

Did I really just quit my “grown-up” job and give up my great apartment to temporarily move to another country?!?! Who does somethings like that?  I am praying like crazy that the Lord will just take care of me. I have put all my faith in Him to get me through this because my obsessive planning and controlling personality is having trouble coming to grips with not really knowing what’s coming next.

On another note, I am so very excited about my Tour of the Texas Panhandle in August. In order to see as many people I love before I leave I will be in the Amarillo/Pampa/Miami/Canadian/Booker Area for parts of August! Call me if you would like to play! So I guess that makes me a wandering Bum!!!

Here’s to the Bum life!


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